Basic Balance 101

2" x 30" roller 4" x 18" roller  13" balance cushion
  1. When learning to balance with the rollers, begin your practice by holding on to a prop such as a chair, stool or countertop for stabilization. Then as your comfort level increases, you can gradually eliminate the prop.
  2. Make sure the area is clear of objects that may cause injury if you fall.
  3. Carpet is the best surface to practice on. Slick surfaces, such as ceramic tile or wood floor are not recommended.
  4. To properly step on the board, center the roller under the board. Step your first foot on the lower part of the board, then step the 2nd foot on the upper part of the board, keeping your weight in the lower part of the board. Begin to shift your weight to the other leg and balance by transferring your body weight between your left and right feet and legs.
  5. Keep the upper body steady and your knees slightly bent.
  6. Make sure you are engaging your core muscles to help you balance.
  7. Once you gain comfort balancing with the smaller diameter rollers, try the larger diameter rollers. The concept is the same but the larger diameter increases the level of challenge.
  8. The balance cushion is mouth inflatable and can be inflated and deflated to your liking. The more inflated it is, the more challenging it will be to keep the sides from touching the ground.

VIDEO: Basic Balance Demonstration