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Callisto balance board with wobble cushion
Callisto balance board front to back balance training
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Callisto Balance Board - Water on Wood

Callisto Balance Board - Water on Wood

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The Callisto is the newest addition to the ISO Board line of balance boards. It offers front-to-back and wobble-style balancing but  is a smaller board lending itself for use as a "trick" board in addition to a balance trainer. It is conducive to some upper body exercises such as push-ups, plank and side-to-side rolls. When used with the wobble cushion, it's an effective tool to strengthen ankles, feet and knees, especially for injury rehabilitation. You can even make it a standing desk board by adding a 2nd wobble cushion. The convenient storage stand stores all components neatly and compactly when not in use unlike any other balance board with multiple components.

Specifications: Board dimensions: 29 1/4" x 13.5"; board weight: 6.5 lbs.; materials: hardwood maple and Baltic birch; small roller 4: x 18"; large roller 6" x 18"; balance cushion 13". Storage stand included.

Choose your package:

  • Intermediate: Board + small (4” x 18”) roller
  • Intermediate Plus: Board + small roller + 13" balance cushion
  • Advanced: Board + large (6" x 18”) roller
  • Advanced Plus: Board + large (6" x 18”) roller + 13" balance cushion
  • Pro Plus: All components including small roller, large roller and balance cushion
  • Novice: Balance cushion only